Window Toppers, Sydney

Creative Curtains by Design provide custom window toppers in Sydney for residential homeowners. Toppers can range from simple valances to intricate stylish curtains with pelmets, swags and tails, and can be used either on their own or over additional window coverings.

Offering both decoration and function, swag and tail curtain designs are popular in Sydney homes where a more traditional or dramatic style is desired, but they are also suitable for more modern and contemporary homes. If you want to add a touch of opulence and flair to your Sydney home – toppers and swag tail curtains offer you everything you desire and more!

Swags and tails curtains, Sydney

Toppers in Sydney can be pelmets, valances, swags or tails and are designed to help optimise window treatments, but what’s the difference between them?

Pelmets: These are a padded and upholstered board that is mounted above the window, adding not only style and colour to your room, but also hiding the curtain rail and fixings. Pelmets can be upholstered to match your existing  or new window treatments and can be updated as often as you change your style. To add a luxurious ambiance to your space, you can either choose pelmets or swag and tail curtain designs for a space, it’s best not to choose both!

Valances: These have come a long way over the years and offer homeowners an additional design style for their décor. Available in different shapes, fabrics and design styles, valences are a type of fabric window treatment that covers the top part of the window and can be hung either on its own or over a curtain or blind. Valances are a much simpler option than swag tail curtains for Sydney siders.

Swags and tails: These are the ultimate indulgence for homeowners, drawing the eye to the window treatments and making small windows look larger. To create a swag and tail, fabrics are draped over the top part of the window treatment, creating a loop or ‘swag’, whilst the ends or the ‘tails’, flow down either side of the window.

Curtains with pelmets, swags and tails in Sydney homes can be as lavish or as minimal as desired, their design is only limited by your imagination!

For more information on our custom made curtains with pelmets, swags and tails, call Creative Curtains by Design on 1300 137 198 or email us at send us an online enquiry today.